Wayne Muma
MUMA Fine Woodworking is an Ontario based business located near Stratford.  The owner, Wayne Muma builds artistic, furniture, cabinetry, and woodwork. This business has many distinct characteristics.

It has a clear “green vision”.  Hardwoods are sustainably harvested and salvaged locally. Trees are sometimes wind fallen or urban salvaged. Sourced hardwoods are of the most unique and of the highest quality.  These woods are purchased green and often in the log, flitch milled and air dried at home.  Finishes are natural based organic materials increasing the health of indoor environments. 

Joinery is traditional using time tested techniques often completed by hand with traditional tools.  Hand smoothing all furniture surfaces using perfectly sharpened quality hand planes dramatically increases the clarity of colours and textures found in wood.  This combined with oil or French polishes creates very tactile and mirror like surfaces.  The resulting furniture feels as good as it looks.

Wayne has spent many years studying trees, natural forms, and working with wood. Enthusiasm and passion for the local hardwoods of Ontario are what drives the creative engine of this business. The artist is authentic, and approachable.  He has a contagious enthusiasm for wood and its natural environment. Hidden within each tree exists a wealth of textures, colours, and lines.  These are characteristics that inspire the design process.  Buying, flitch milling and air drying whole logs allow this process to happen beautifully.  Furniture becomes harmonious in colours and textures.  The design process becomes influenced by the wholeness of the tree.  Furniture then represents what it is. A tree! These concepts are difficult to explain but once seen are instantly recognized. The Artist is inspired by the skill of masters like James Krenov and George Nakashima, to apply this process, and humbled to follow in their footsteps.
Hidden locally is an unlimited supply of unique and inspirational hardwoods. These hidden treasures offer rare forms that can be beautifully displayed as furniture.  The results are timeless, generational and have a vernacular flavour.